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We offer a full range of moving services throughout Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Long Distance

Long Distance Moving

Vancouver Movers provides moving services to anyone in need of a long distance moving company in The Greater Vancouver area, Victoria and Vancouver Island, Kamloops and Thompson/Nicola Valley, Prince George and Caribou area, Kelowna and Okanagan, Kootneys, Shushwap and North Okanagan area, most other areas within BC, and certain areas in Alberta.

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Apprehension has a tendancy to surface when moving long distance. From the excitement of an adventure to the trepidation of needing to re-establish and immerse yourselves into a new environment, the never ending checklist of things to do can be quite daunting.

The team at Vancouver Movers would like to put your mind at ease by assisting you in handling the entire scope of your move.

If you are moving to Greater Vancouver, or away from the Greater Vancouver area, and to & from any other location within BC and Alberta, Vancouver Movers is available to help, since we provide long distance moving services.

Vancouver Movers has helped many take the arduous task of a seemingly complex long distance move and deliver a low stress, smooth transition.

The Vancouver Movers team can handle any aspect of your move the loading, transporting, unloading, and whatever else may be necessary to make your move a pleasant one. In order for you to save some valuable time, BC Movers can do some of the packing/unpacking to all of the packing/unpacking, including any crating that may be necessary.

The Vancouver Movers team is ready to accommodate your needs by working around your busy schedule to enable you the time you need to become familiarized with your new surroundings.

We are prepared for the spectrum of dynamics that crop up in the course of preparing for a move. If it’s a move that has been planned months in advance, or if it’s an out-of-the-blue last minute move, call us, we make a living from orchestrating long distance moves seamlessly.